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from Rosemary Cantali - Friend

We've always heard there are no coincidences in our lives, and with that, I believe I was
meant to know Tim Welty. He was in my presence on two or more occasions, then every
day for the roughly two weeks’ time it took him to complete the job of finishing our
basement. This was the third week in May. The most important attribute I learned Tim
possessed was integrity. His integrity rang out loud and clear, particularly if you
questioned it. The remaining things I learned about him in the short time I was to know
him were lots of other incidental niceties, some which jumped right out at you — his
amazing good looks, his big, generous smile and the sweetest pair of ears you ever saw on
a person! I found him to be a patient fellow, very low key and slow to anger. Focused and
professional, he wasn’t much for small talk when he had a job to do. Must have loved
music. He was always whistling to the radio tunes down in the basement whenever I’d go
down to check on things and I remember thinking one day he probably had a decent
singing voice too. He just seemed to love his work more than anything in the world
besides his family. He didn’t like mayo on his sandwiches - only mustard - and he
preferred Swiss cheese to American; he’d mostly leave the pickle I placed next to his
sandwiches each day and always ate his fruit, even if he saved it to eat at the end of his
work day. No coffee or soda for this fellow! Bottled water ONLY for him! I thought, here
was a guy who really watches his diet! His work was absolutely flawless and at this
writing, my basement has been untouched since Tim’s departure, and to go down there is
as if he had just left. I really do not wish to cover it up with paint now.

If only I could have kept him perennially busy down in the safe haven of my basement,
perhaps he would have been far too busy to be at the World Trade Center on September
11. I often selfishly (or foolishly) think that to myself.

It is my belief that I was meant to know Tim Welty, not for the wonderful, affordable job
he did on my basement, but for this: Tim showed me that there ARE decent people to be
found in this world and specifically through his carpentry profession, as my husband and I this
last year have had painful experiences in the construction of our home which would
substantiate our distrust in contractors. Tim proved otherwise in every way. Secondly,
who would believe Tim would be the one to represent the faces of the thousands of people
who also died in this recent tragedy. Tim, for me, very regretfully represents every one of
those faces, as it has had for me far more an impact than perhaps if I had known none of
the victims.

Do I wish I had never met him to be spared the pain of knowing what a great human
being we lost? Never. Tim is an inspiration even in death, even to me, who was no one
more in his life but a brief acquaintance. This is the way he affected most people, I
understand. I can not begin to understand what those who knew and loved him must be
experiencing. I don’t know what kind of power God gives to his Angels once they’re back
in His hands, but I firmly believe he is still among us and is with us.

I am content only in the fact that Tim Welty knew he had a fan in me. I get the feeling
somehow he figures he could probably count on me just as much now. Yes, you can, Tim!
And THANK YOU for those lives you saved, how courageous of you! But you must
know that you were a hero all along!

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