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Living Tribute to Patrick W. Casey

Patrick (HARLEY MAN) Casey - the proud son of Walter & Barbara Dishman of New Caney, TX and Mitchell Casey of Dury, MO- he was the husband of Michelle Casey of Spring, TX - Brother to Gary Casey of MO, Dean Dishman of Cleveland, TX and D'Ann Dishman - Stedham of Houston, TX.

Grandson to the Late John Curtis Sears of Porter, TX, Anne Mae Sears of Porter, TX, the late Dave Casey of New Caney, TX the late Louise Casey of New Caney, TX, Jesse & Florine Dishman of Cleveland, TX

Who is LOVED and will be remembered by many!!!!!

Services will be held on Thursday, March 16, 2006 at Rosewood Funeral Home at 2:00 pm. Viewing will be on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 from 5:00pm until 9:00 pm.

No words can ever describe how much Patrick will be missed - he was a buddy and a friend to his father - and was always and will be his momma's guardian angel.

He had dreamed of opening his own motorcycle shop (Casey Ridge Cycle Shop) which was expected to open in the near future where he would live out his dream with the encouragement of his family and with his buddy, his dad, by his side. Patrick took his first motorcycle ride in June 1972 on a 350 Honda with his daddy.

He was a hunter - he loved fishing - and hot rod cars - but most of all he loved riding motorcycles with his dad.

It is remembered by many his childhood days - it was no doubt that he was destined to be a "HARLEY MAN" i remember the first bike he got, no, not the "real thing" i am talking about his bicycle, i just knew he would get himself hurt on that thing....... he tried awful hard he and my brother would take turns laying on the ground while they took turns jumping one another...... no sense at all those boys!!!! And to remember the times he liked to stir up the bulls next to where he lived to make them start chasing us.... we would run just as fast as we could until we found the nearest deer stand to climb in...... we were stuck up there for 2 hours one time..... no, we never told aunt bobby what we did......she would have tanned our hide.... One day Pat and I decided to write on Aunt Bobby's wall - "PAT WAS HERE" - "JULIE WAS HERE" - to this day - it is still there...... and PAT, you will forever be here...... you may be "out of sight" - but never "out of mind"....... A gentle wind blew cross the land Reaching out to take his hand For on the winds the angels came Calling out Patrick's name. Left behind, his parent’s tears Loving memories of the years Of joy and love, a life well spent And now to God a son is sent. On an angel's wings, a heavenly flight The journey home, towards the light Enjoy now your long waited reward Feel peace that your love continues on What was taught to me, will be taught to mine Cause you live on in me even after you've gone Patrick, we will one day again see you again, until then ride in peace on your HARLEY on the golden streets of heaven...........

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