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Who is Immortality, Inc.?

  Immortality,Inc is the parent company of LivingTributes.com. LivingTributes.com is a collection of on-line memorials that honor and preserve treasured memories of loved ones through text and pictures for generations to come. These memorials can be visited by friends and loved ones any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

What is a Living Tribute®?

  A Living Tribute is a personalized life story. It can be an obituary or a biography and includes a photograph of the departed loved one. Once a Living Tribute is established, friends and family may add Personal Tributes in the form of eulogies, poems, letters, special memories, as well as sign a guest book.

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What is a Personal Tribute?

  Friends and family members can add Personal Tributes as an expression of love and/or respect in the form of eulogies, poems, letters, and special memories. These tributes can be written by an individual or by a group. Personal Tributes can share with future generations how someone you care about impacted your life.

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Can I add photos of friends and family to the tribute?
  Yes, additional photos may be added to the Photographs section of a Living Tribute®. Individual photographs may be submitted for posting. This enables you to share memories of family occasions, special events, etc.

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What is a Memoriam?
An expression of love can be added In Memoriam of special anniversaries or events. Friends and family members can add In Memoriam as an expression of love and/or respect in the form of eulogies, poems, letters, and special memories.

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What are the charges for Living Tributes® services?
Please refer to our Products page, which includes fees.


How can I submit a Living Tribute®, Personal Tribute, or photo?
  There are many options for submitting information. Information may be submitted via :
  • Online self-service forms complete with step-by-step instructions
  • Email us at support@livingtributes.com
  • Standard mail (1110 Kingwood Drive, Ste 106, Kingwood, TX 77339)
  • You may download an electronic copy of our order form in Adobe Acrobat to assist you in the creation of an e-mail, fax, phone, or mail order. If you prefer a personal touch, feel free to contact our office for assistance in your order.


How confident can I be in submitting my credit card number on your web-site?

  Our site uses the latest technology to protect your credit card and personal information. Immortality, Inc. holds a digital certificate from a trusted third-party Certification Authority (CA).


How long will a Living Tribute® stay on the Internet?

  The payment of the one year sponsorship fees associated with Living Tributes or Guest book will remain online for one year from the date of purchase. The payment of the permanent sponsorship fees associated with purchasing Living Tributes, Personal Tributes, In-memoriam and photographs are guaranteed to remain available on this site for the duration of LivingTributes.com’s existence.

Who can add a Personal Tribute to my loved one's Living Tribute®?

  Any friend, family member, or loved one can add Personal Tributes as an expression of love and/or respect.

What if someone says something derogatory in a Personal Tribute or Guest Book entry?

  LivingTributes.com staff reviews each Living Tribute, Personal Tributes, guest books, and photograph prior to placing it on the Internet. We reserve the right to reject any content we deem to be in any way offensive. Should you ever find content to be objectionable, simply e-mail us, and we will review it. Please review our disclaimer.

Can I add to a Living Tribute® or modify a Living Tribute® at a later date?

  Additions and modifications can be made at any time. These modifications can be made via:

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